When you raise your sibling from an early age to play video games, it pays off in a big way.

Watching them destroy the uncle who has taunted your failures at driving and fighting games for years, the smile wiped off his face when they lay the smack down, or pull off a particularly stunning overtake into 1st. Again and again until a grown man can’t cope with losing any more.

When you suck at video games as much as I do now, you get to watch as they walk half way across a Left 4 Dead map, on their own (because everyone else IS dead) to revive your sorry arse, because “Nobody gets left behind” despite the title of the game.

You get to see them fly right above your head in Buzzard attack chopper while playing GTA Online, occasionally crashing into the ground or a lamp post, because they have an obsession with flying low to the ground in any game.

Some 20 plus years later, after many consoles, PC builds and countless hours of fun watching and playing video games together, and with friends (we enlisted one to help us), we bring you, nowisgames.com.