The Support Role TV launches today on Twitch

Straight out of the 50 day challenge for Special Effect, hosted by Later Levels, where they streamed for at least an hour a day for 50 days, many of us were hungry for more gaming streams from members of the community.

We’d also become accustomed to hanging out for a couple of hours every day with one another; there were cries for Later Levels to continue streaming after GameBlast, which they have, but alas not every day.

You know what would be awesome? What if the community came together with a schedule, to make sure there’s still somewhere every day where we can get together, have a chat and watch someone play video games?

The Support Role. Earlier this year, Hundstrasse and Later Levels started The Support Role, a Discord server where the community can get together and share advice on blogging, streaming, chat about video games and more.

A shiny new Twitch channel has been created to accompany this Discord community server.

We’re assembling a schedule, we’re hoping to stream directly to the channel once a day, every day. We’re also building out a list of streamers for the channel to auto host, when no one is broadcasting directly to the channel.

We hope you can join us live, we’d love to see you and hang out 🙂

The timings will probably be similar to those Later Levels observed during GameBlast, 7-8pm in the UK, for however long it suits, but usually two hours or so. Weekends may differ.

The games will be a good mix, I’m about to be educated this week in a bit of Final Fantasy, for example, which I’ve never played.

We’re starting tonight, with a bit of Afterparty on the Xbox, at 8pm in the UK. Our clocks went forward recently, so I think we’re in British Summer Time now, just to help matters!

Head over to to subscribe, make sure you’re receiving notifications, we’ll see you there!

If you’re interested in joining the Discord server from which this sprang, head here to get started, we’ll see you there too!

Interested in streaming? Head over to #streaming-and-video-advice on the Discord server and make yourself known.

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