Creative Christmas: Video Game Character Kiss

Continuing our journey for Creative Christmas; this is a collaboration formed by community bastion Later Levels, full of tasty festive posts from a growing band of WordPress bloggers.

Question: The party is still going strong and you find yourself conveniently positioned under the mistletoe. Which video game character would you call over for a cheeky kiss?

Jon: Sweet Dreams ๐Ÿ™‚

Dan: Jon, you’re sick my friend, guessing you’re a fan of the tongue?

Jon: You know it ๐Ÿ˜‰

Dan: :O

I’d choose Lara Croft, from the 2013 reboot. She got me into 3rd person games properly and I’m completely smitten with her, such a great reboot of the character. Also, I think it’s safe to say, responsible for a reboot of the films, so now we get to see Alicia Vikander kicking arse on the big screen too!

Cat:ย Joel from The Last of Us – surprisingly hot for a game character!

Dan: Man crush.

Dan’s Wife: Mario! Why not?!

Dan: Everyone deserves to be loved, I guess? Is that why she married me, low standards?!

5 Thoughts

    1. Lara Croft leads to other crushes though, like Camilla Luddington (the voice), Alicia Vikander (the silver screen) and Megan Golden (the cosplayer). Alicia Vikander wins, she was brilliant in Ex_Machina, really looking forward to the new movie. There’s a new game next year too, woohoo!

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