First Impressions: Destiny 2 (PC)

After the Destiny 2 PC Beta, I purchased Overwatch. Whoops.

I was on the fence about Destiny 2, but playing Overwatch for a few weeks just kept reminding me of Destiny 2 for some reason. I knew I was going to buy this game now, but would it be on PC, or console?

After watching quite a bit of Destiny 2 being played on PS4 at EGX, a controller would not be an issue, but I just couldn’t live with the thought of 30fps. No thanks. I’m sorry, but in this case, it does matter.

So it’s finally arrived on PC, after waiting a little longer than our console cousins. Here are our first impressions.

This is not a port

No dodgy console port here! Vicarious Visions have done an incredible job, the full game, as was the beta, is silky smooth. There’s a laundry list of options available to configure, everything we’d expect as PC gamers today and then some.

For it to look this good on day one? Vicarious Visions, you spoil us.

There’s a staggering number of videos and blog posts out there about optimising your experience. I don’t have the technical ability (or time) to repeat what they’re all saying, but from what I’ve read, GameSpot has it covered nicely.

For me, out of the gate, the game chose great settings for performant and gorgeous visuals. It did a much better job of this than the beta, I didn’t have to touch a thing.

The “servers” and other technical issues

We had none. Zero. Nada.

There are reports, naturally, technical issues are being encountered. That is the very nature of PC gaming, with so many different configurations out there, some people will have issues.

Destiny 2 launched simultaneously across the world, so I expected a high load, not being able to log into and so on. None of that happened to us, but after logging off, I did notice a few tweets starting to appear with people having issues.

The game has drawn attention already for allegedly banning players that use Discord overlay, or OBS and so on. Per this article on, the game was designed not to allow programs which inject code, so I suspect it’s more likely to be “other things” people have installed, doing nefarious deeds, rather than Discord. Perhaps their cheat detection is too aggressive? I’d expect Bungie to have the common sense to exclude things like Discord from their detections, before they start banning anyone.

Moving on then…

The pacing at the start of the campaign is a little off

Thanks to my inability to play games with any serious level of professionalism, as well as the multiple cut-scenes I had to watch, because story, it took me well over an hour to get to the point in the campaign where co-op becomes available. I guess this fits completely with the narrative, but it was still hugely irritating.

Starting a second character, I was able to skip all of that (and knew exactly where I was going), so it didn’t take anywhere near as long. After the bombastic opening, the pace dries up very quickly, making it even more painful than it might otherwise be.

Once we got a fireteam going, things really moved forward

Eventually we made it to the Farm, the games social area, ready to head out together as a team. This is where things got interesting.

We just plugged away at the game randomly, following story missions, taking part in public events, looking for loot. Before we knew it, 6 hours had gone by. There were numerous “That was awesome!” and “Please tell me you saw that?!” moments. The loot. Ohhhh the loot, we’re excited, can you tell?

What’s next?

The beta was enough for us to plonk down almost £40 on a brand new game, something we rarely do on PC, but after playing for 6 hours, we don’t regret the purchase.

There are questions surrounding the longevity of the game; over in console land, the player base has been leaving in droves apparently. The site mentioned in that article has since pulled the stats they were providing, as they feel the data is being misrepresented.

We’ll keep going at the campaign for now, but inevitably, we will take one of each character class through, then the loot grind will begin. We’re seasoned at this thanks to Borderlands 2, so we expect to get a good amount of time out of the game.

How much time remains to be seen, but I believe some people’s expectations of hundreds of hours of content from day one, or 50 different “things to do” at launch are a little unrealistic. It takes time and money to make video games, especially one like this.

Hopefully the re-playability of the campaign weathers multiple runs, otherwise this could get old very quickly, but so far so good.

I think of it like Sunday dinner, my wife spends about 2 hours cooking, it’s all gone within 15 minutes! It’s always delicious though!

Have you ventured into Destiny 2, on console or PC? We’d love to hear what you think!

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