A Robot Named Fight

As you may know, I’m a lover of finger buffet gaming, I like to give everything a go if I can. I had never considered myself a lover of Roguelikes but games such as FTL and Rogue Legacy have opened my eyes to the joys and curses of permadeath. So when an email for “A Robot Named Fight” crossed my desk promising Alien abominations, labyrinthine randomised levels and permadeath, this gamer signed up. Let’s whet your appetite before I start talking with a good old fashioned trailer, which is also in the running for best quote of the year for “Face a relentless plague of Meat”…

So what is it? Robot bills itself as the best of Metroidvania and Roguelike games, with the Metroid vibe certainly at the forefront in my opinion. As you can gather from this the late 80’s/early 90’s vibe is alive and well in both visual style and musical styling, with a healthy dose of 90’s sound effects.

How does it play?

For those who are unfamiliar with the term MetroidVania , it’s a cross between Metroid and Castlevania, hence the name. This style of game is generally platform based with a large area 2D world to explore, with area limited by abilities you earn or find in your travels. Your general expectation for games in the MetroidVania Subgenre are tightly controlled levels to force the player to explore for the required abilities. A Robot Named Fight, however, is procedurally generated with each run being unique, yet it still manages to provide that tight experience of progression via exploration in power increase. Permadeath strips you of any upgrades you have earned and puts you back at the start, however any already unlocked abilities that you have previously found can appear any subsequent runs.

Robot also features local coop, with a second player taking control over a robotic sphere that has free reign around the screen but shares its health with player 1’s humanoid avatar. It’s an interesting cooperative choice keeping the core platforming gameplay intact for player 1 but balances that with increased risk with the shared health. It reminds me of the coop mechanics in apidya many years ago.

A Robot Named Fight will launch on Steam on Thursday, September 7th 2017. If you enjoy roguelikes, or even roguelites, then it’s an enjoyable play-through with a good amount of replayability.  The press release advises it’s 25% off for it’s first week of release and has it down as $7.49 so in good old UK Quids I’d expect around £5.99.


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