Steam Summer Sale 2017

I typically only buy games on Steam every six months, during the summer and winter sales, when Gabe opens the floodgates.

Here’s what I’ve picked up this time around:

Enjoy the £80 I didn’t expect to spend, Gabe! How much of this will remain gathering virtual dust in my library? Hopefully none of it…

I need to drag myself away from Horizon Zero Dawn on the PS4 (and give Fallout 4 a rest) long enough to play some of these games. Ha.

Painkiller is particularly interesting, my only memory of this is playing the demo (remember those?) many years ago, loving the stake gun. My PC at the time struggled, so the full game was never purchased. Based on this happy memory alone, I’ve plonked down £12 for all of it. Curse you Steam!

Also of note during this sale, but not tempting enough for me to purchase:

Some stuff I own already and feel the need to draw attention to:

The sale ends on 5th July, don’t feel that fear of missing out when it’s gone, just buy that game right now. You know you want to. Hmm, about Planet Coaster…

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