Gaming Malaise

A dark room holding a Gamers Anonymous meeting

*Stands up and clears throat*

Hi Everyone, my name is Jon and I can never decide on what game I want to play.

*Lots of clapping*

Let’s face it, we’ve all been there, for me I can open Steam to currently 336 games (somehow I have yet to own bad rats…Don’t even think about it) and not find a single one I wish to play. Worse yet I can annoy my friends by launching one game for 5 minutes and deciding I no longer wish to play it only to open another almost instantly. This is particularly annoying to Woopdecker, It’s the gaming equivalent of channel hopping on the TV.

Now I know we all consume our media differently, for example I would refer to myself as a “finger buffet” kind of guy. I like to sample various genres and tend to not be committed to one particular game for prolonged periods, I’ll go and nibble the Sausage Rolls/Counterstrike for a bit but the next day I’ll be stuffing my face with quiche/Fallout 4. This is where the finger buffet analogy comes from as it’s very rare I’ll sit down for a full course meal and dedicate myself to a sole game until it’s completion. One of our gaming group however has been solely dedicated to the division for almost an entire year, I understand it would be like working in a chocolate factory, stuffing your face with chocolate for the first few weeks but then after a while you would bore of chocolate, or at least I know I would so I give that man points for dedication.

So getting back on point, what causes that general “meh” feeling when you don’t know what to play. It’s certainly not the lack of good games available as the width and breadth of choice now available from Triple A to Indy titles nowadays is staggering (It’s why I finger buffer DAMNIT!). If anything it’s the sheer number of available choices to me that causes this malaise.

Top Finger Buffet food!

Do I want to go and liberate the galaxy and enlighten the Xenos in Stellaris or shoot some fools in the face in Player Unknown Battlegrounds? I’m committing a chunk of my free time to a pastime and I’m determined to enjoy myself, so much that I can’t decide what mood I’m in to actually enjoy it. Generally I make my choice based on who is around and what they are playing as nothing beats playing with friends, even if it is that godawful public hackfest known as GTA Online!

I’d love to hear back if i’m the only one who suffers from this? if you do, what’s your go to cure?

Sound off People.


6 Thoughts

  1. Sometimes choice can be overwhelming. Unfortunately I can’t offer any advice, because it sounds as if I’m as bad as you are when it comes to choosing what I want to play! 😉


    1. Jon’s “finger buffet” approach to gaming, a Steam sale and the arrival of a PS4 to my household has sent me down this dark path also…


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