GTA Online: Gunrunning

The long awaited DLC finally arrived a little over a week ago, but is it any good, or just more of the same grind?

It’s been six long months since Rockstar released serious content for GTA Online, beyond some cars and adversary modes. In the latter half of 2016, we had three fairly substantial updates; CEO, Bikers and Import/Export. Rumours were, that was to be the end of the big updates, Rockstar hadn’t planned any further ahead.

This seemed doubtful at the time, but became more and more believable. In an interesting move, Rockstar told us about Gunrunning several weeks before its debut.

The discounts, double GTA$/RP and business sale bonuses have been coming thick and fast during this drought in content, in some cases even overlapping. It’s almost as if they were telling us to just hold on a little longer.

Well, we’ve done that,  so what is our reward for waiting?

It’s primarily based in Blaine County

Rockstar have chosen to center the chaos in and around the top two thirds of the GTA map, which after 4 years is starting to feel a little small. This is a good move, most of us don’t get to Blaine County too often. I know the city better than my own at this point.

There’s some serious firepower available

Further expanding the war zone that GTA Online has become, there’s even more military grade hardware available for you to lay waste to all and sundry:

  • APC
  • Dune FAV
  • Half-Track
  • Opressor
  • Weaponized Tampa
  • Anti-Aircraft Trailer

You can also own a Mobile Operations Center, with which you can almost live out your Knight Rider fantasies, except we couldn’t find a way to get the Ruiner into it…


There’s Bunkers, underground properties which allow you to put supplies you steal or buy towards unlocking some of the goodies in the form of Research, which you can also pay GTA$ for if you’re impatient. You can split supplies between research or producing stock, or just one of them. The resupply missions are great fun with friends, but I suspect the amount of them you’ll have to do to unlock everything might make things get old a little quickly.

Beyond that, there’s; flying motorcycles, explosive rounds for the sniper rifle that can one shot pretty much anything, a bunch of military themed clothing, weapon upgrades galore, special missions (to unlock discounts for the vehicles above). It’s a pretty substantial update, taken at face value.

It’s open to CEO, Biker, and VIP

They’ve chosen the sensible route, making the business side of this content available to CEO’s, Biker gangs and VIPs. They’ve also lowered the bank balance required to register as a VIP, previously it was $1m, it’s now $50k. So this is pretty much open to anyone, if they can afford the bunker.

The escalation

After over 1200 hours of play in the last 12 months, I’ve started to get a little restless in this world Rockstar has created. I haven’t done everything it has to offer, even in all that time; I’m not a fan of things like adversary modes, deathmatches etc. I’m also not about to start doing things like that just for the sake of it, I would rather play something else entirely.

This just isn’t doing it for me, it’s more ridiculous toys, which are incredibly overpowered in some cases, people want to use them in things like contact missions, most of which were originally designed for players armed with nothing more than a pistol.

It isn’t really what GTA is about for me, but if you enjoy blowing things up, you’ll enjoy this content no question. It is fun taking on Merryweather and the military more regularly than just raiding the army base.

The future?

GTA has made a lot of money for Rockstar and Take-Two, it’s unlikely they’ll let it rot, unless they’ve got something better to take its place. At this point, we don’t really know what is next, but it’s nice to see Rockstar open up a bit about the future as they have recently. Shame about that mod nonsense though, nice one Take-Two.

For me, this game peaked with the Import/Export DLC in December. Stealing cars and driving fast down the freeway being shot at, weaving in and out of innocent drivers to squeeze a bit more profit out of it. It was some of the most fun I’ve had playing GTA Online, which is proving quite difficult for Rockstar to beat in my case.

That’s the beauty of this game however, perhaps Gunrunning is exactly what you’ve been waiting for, in which case, jump in and have some fun, while it lasts 😉